Thursday, July 9, 2009

Incidental Thoughts

This is the face of exhaustion, by the way. Lurking in the cracks (affectionately referred to as wrinkles) is disquietude. But fear not, a pessimist is merely an optimist with experience.

And suddenly my thoughts turned to 2 things. 1. The nightmare I had two nights ago about witnessing a random stranger set themselves on fire, as if nothing, at a relatives house. And everyone there was acting as though he was not even there and 2. My other thought is that of Anna from the show Ace of Cakes. She visually epitomizes how I like a woman to be. And she's mad easy on the eyes, man.

I don't know why these two thoughts popped into my head but....they're there. I really should try to go to sleep, albeit I'm truly not fighting it, or just think about something else.

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