Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Relativity Of Relationships

Relationships, I tell you; tremendous jokes within themselves. I am of the mind-set now that a relationship is like a cancer, a sickness that prevents you from doing much. I mean, let's be honest here. There are those romantic fools that believe that when they are so "wrapped up in love'' that there is nothing that they can't do. Truth of the matter is; there is nothing that they do. You both (if you're lucky to not be the only one) have your heads so far up each others' asses that in reality, you don't have time to do anything else. In a relationship, you really accomplish much less than you would or could if you were single and not distracted.

A relationship is something you have to want to have; especially if you have no immediate ambitions. Take a look at me; there are numerous things I was able to accomplish in short amounts of time before and after my last relationship. Before; I rigorously went to the gym, ate healthy, lost 40lbs and was never as focused and determined. During my relationship; I gained 5lbs, went to the gym 10% of the time I normally would, lost all sense of what was right and what was wrong, got mentally and spiritually broken and was eventually replaced. Post relationship; regained focus (after x amount of time of feeling lost), lost the 5lbs I gained during the relationship, actually quit smoking, started writing again and became a lot more relaxed and irresponsible. The irresponsible comment is a testament to having learned simply to relax more and do less thinking, actually.

There were several things that I lost at the end of that relationship as well; my inability to trust whole-hearted, my faith in certain ideas I had about my own future and most of all, my desire for any type of commitment. I don't even want to sign any type of contract because of my overwhelming desire to not attach myself to anything. I feel like being just another floating asteroid bumping into things as I move along with no plan or desire to really get anywhere specific. I just want to float, hang out and be, for now.

I'm pretty much accomplishing this because my drive and determination to "take control of my life" has pretty much taken a back seat to more important things like "Not thinking and just doing." Yeah, pretty much now a days, the vast majority of my brain-power, if you will, actually gets applied to this blog and the other one that's in the works as of now.

I catch myself thinking sometimes; old habits die hard, I guess. But usually, I limit myself to simple thoughts and no (under any circumstances) over-thinking or over analyzing what so ever. I have come to learn more and more and appreciate more and more two things. And these are two things I recommend to you, whether you're currently in a relationship or not.

1. True perfection comes through effortlessness.

Nothing should be forced; let things take their own course. Trust me, I learned this the easy way and the hard way. If you sit still long enough in quicksand, it might actually spit you right back out. Things happen for a reason; what that reason is I don't know, but shit happens. Eventually you will know why.

2. Don't over analyze anything.

Over analyzing is like throwing a warm towel over your brain. The worst part about over analyzing is how it leads you to second-guess yourself. That's what kills me every time. I hate second-guessing myself and hardly ever do, but when I have, its very disheartening because I take pride in sticking to my decisions.

So really, there you have it; what has been on my mind today or rather this morning. I felt the need to write something of value because I hadn't had the opportunity this whole weekend, but I thought to myself, I had to make up for it today at some point. And I imagine I will probably write some more today if I make it home in one piece. Possibly seeing Q-Tip and The Cool Kids tonight at Revolution then going to Vagabond for the 80's Prom-thing they have going on there. Go out there and make it if you can; it should be a good time, even if just because I will be there. Haha.

Oh and lastly, always, always, always trust your gut instinct. Majority of the time, you're either right or just hungry. Either way, you can't go wrong.


  1. FINALLY U SEE THE LIGHT!! It's now been almost three years since my last serious relationship and I still don't feel ready for something serious. Potato-sacking for me right now. I guess when you meet the right person you'll know and I right I know I AM the right person for me. :P

  2. fucking typos.

    I guess when you meet the right person you'll know and right now I AM the right person for me.