Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Some Long Distance Relationships Do Work


Shot from my screen.


Shot from Lou's screen. I don't like the fact hers was more clear than mine.

Ok, well in all actuality, Lou did kind of beat me to the punch in putting up last night's conversation picture. But I don't care; that's what she's got her own blog for as well.

I just wanted to kind of highlight last night's conversation with three of my best friends and kind of point out, as well as thank Apple, for making such a thing possible. You can see, in these photos, Laura, Karen, Lou and myself. All three of us talking live to one another via our Macs while being thousands of miles apart from each other. Lou and Laura are out in LA, Karen is in NY and I currently reside in Miami. All we needed was someone to be living in the North Pacific and we would have been covering all four corners of the country. 

Nothing too important, but at the same time, in regards to technology, I honestly find myself amazed at such little things I think we all take for granted. But for what it's worth, these are some of my dearest friends.

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