Monday, December 8, 2008

Links, Not To Be Confused With Lynx

Real quick hits for your mental snacking and crotch-region entertainment. Omar (CEASETODREAM PROMOTIONS) has a new blog he just started. Seriously, I've looked into the future, read his future posts and they are good. I mean, real good. If you like movies, you would definitely not only enjoy his blogs, but benefit from them as well. If you don't like movies, feel free to go buy a hand gun and shoot yourself because for some odd reason you are more than happy with your pathetic reality. So go check him out here. Be patient, he just started and he'll need a little time to start putting up those posts I have seen....from the future.

Another quick hit; Ben's blog is seriously some of the funniest shit I've read. I always envy people that can say so much in so little and Ben actually pulls that off real good.  And basically on just about any subject because really he thinks it and writes it; no filter. I on the other hand, ramble. Check his blog out here. He's also going to be working on a blog I'm a part of as well. It's a collective of writers that are basically going to respond to people sending in emails regarding anything and everything and the entire collective of writers will be responding; good or bad. So be ready for some serious elitism madness. The site's called Tastebuds. Check it out, it's getting started this week. Be one of the first to email them a question, a comment or concern about whatever; they will respond.

And last; I was talking with one of my best friend's Steve today from Black Sparrow Tattoos and, well I will not bore you with the entire details of our conversation, but I will point out an interesting blog that he brought up to me to check out. I did, I laughed and I pissed myself. It's called Cake Wrecks and it's basically a site about the most ridiculous cakes. Stupid cake ideas people have actually done and also pictures of mostly typographical or grammatical errors on cakes. Seriously, I went there and spent an easy hour on the site. Enjoy.

I'll write back more tomorrow. Still a lot to catch up on, like I said. Be patient you pieces of shit.

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  1. Thanks for the "support from the future", something tells me I shouldn't read this, it might fuck with the fabric of time, which I'm sure must be silk-like....unless time is a drag queen, then it's definitely lycra.

    On another note, there's something wrong with your feed, I follow your blog, but I don't see it displayed on mine and I can't access yours from my dashboard. weird. must be that lycra fucking with us again.